The „Polish Artist Playing for Chopin” was an album created by artists related to the independent electronic scene. Young musicians did an unprecedented job by combining the latest, digital music composition techniques with the use of classic Fryderyk Chopin masterpieces. What they came up with was 11 tracks comprising of four different electronic styles: idm, ambient, breakcore and experimental.

The album includes tracks by the following artists: TuneFreak, Nmls, Kacper Ziemianin, Rekombinacja, Bionulor, Pleq, Unique Unit, Seeding Life, Kim_Nasung, Vasen Piparjuuri and ASDF.

The album’s cover was made by outstanding Polish graphic designers – Chazme, Elomelo and Sepe – in Warsaw at the Złota Street, on the wall outside the Palace of Science and Culture during the Street Art Doping festival.

The record date of issue is April 2010.


1. Asdf Sonata For Computer 3:36
2. Bionulor 2.38 4:05
3. Kim_Nasung [O]pin 3:46
4. Unique Unit Pre-ludium D 3:57
5. Nmls Fantimpr 2:44
6. SeedingLife Dnas Egroeg 6:27
7. Rekompozycja* A Żeby Dobrze Zrozumieć To Co Dzieli Rzecz Umysłu Od Spraw Kulturalnych 3:12
8. TuneFreak Ver3 2:05
9. Kacper Ziemianin Chopping 4:37
10. Vasen.Piparjuuri No.2 In A Minor 2:21
11. Pleq The Ribbon 4:30

(zip)mixHidden Track 7:42